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Terms & Conditions
Please read these terms & conditions carefully befor using my website.

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All photos are made by Marek Pawlik who works at Inkology Tattoo Art Gallery, address: 270 W 36th St, 3rd floor, 10018 New York
who also owns the tattoo-reference.com site.

Tattoo-Reference.com site works on principle "from artist to artist", after purchase, you can use photos to create a tattoo design, painting,
digital art, etc. You have “free hand” to modified photos to create your own style.

What is not allowed, forbidden?
You cannot and It’s forbidden to use my photos for any commercial purposes like advertising, logo, marketing, apps, websites,
social media, TV and film, merchandise like: t-shirts, posters, hats, business cards, stickers, etc.
It's forbidden to redistribute or sell the photos on other stock photo or wallpaper platforms.
It's forbidden to selling copies of photos from our site.

Payment and download:
After purchase and making payment to Inkology Tattoo Art Gallery in the PayPal system you will be able immediately download the ZIP file with photos.
You have 5 days for download the ZIP file with photos.
After expiration date, it will no longer be possible to download the file!
After purchase you will see information about expiration date and time to access for download.
If you don’t download the file right after purchase, you still have access to download link in your e-mail confirmation.
If for some reason you do not download the file within five days, you will have to make a purchase again.

Cancellation policy
I do not accept any returns.
We have made every effort to properly describe the product and provided sample product images.
Simply you know what you are buying…

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How to control cookies?
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