They are real human skulls?
For obvious reasons NO. We use ONLY best synthetic skull replicas.

What can I do with purchased photos? Do I have the right to use them, modified them in my art?
Tattoo-Reference.com site works on principle "from artist to artist", after purchase, you can use photos to create a tattoo design, painting, digital art, etc. You have “free hand” to modified photos to create your own style.

Can I use photos for my clothing company?
It’s forbidden to use my photos for any merchandise like: t-shirts, posters, hats, business cards, stickers, etc.

Can I use photos for my logo and for my website?
You cannot and It’s forbidden to use my photos for any commercial purposes like advertising, logo, marketing, apps, websites, social media, TV and film.


What is not allowed, forbidden?
It’s forbidden to redistribute or sell the photos on other stock photo or wallpaper platforms.
It’s forbidden to selling copies of photos from our site.
It's forbidden to use our photos for any comercial purposes.